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Coffee is our Focus! At the Front Porch Cafe, we take coffee seriously. We roast our own whole bean coffees on the premises, ensuring the freshest possible cup of coffee. We pride ourselves in offering the best tasting coffee and espresso on the Outer Banks.


Coffee by the Cup:
We feature 4 daily fresh roasted blends.
12 oz. $1.86    16 oz. $1.99    20 oz. $2.09

Cafe Au Lait
Coffee with steamed milk
12 oz. $2.50    16 oz. $2.75    20 oz. $3.00

Smooth and robust, the nectar of the gods!   Single $1.75 Each additional shot .49

Espresso with frothed milk
12 oz. $3.30    16 oz. $3.80    20 oz. $4.00

Espresso with milk steamed to a velvety texture
12 oz. $3.30    16 oz. $3.80    20 oz. $4.00

Cafe Mocha
Espresso, mocha, steamed milk, topped with fresh whipped cream
12 oz. $3.90    16 oz. $4.20    20 oz. $4.50

"X" Charge
Coffee with a shot of Espresso--get your morning fix!
12 oz. $3.00    16 oz. $3.15    20 oz. $3.30

Cafe Americano
The rich flavor of espresso brewed to coffee strength. Dark, fresh, intense!
12 oz. $2.50    16 oz. $3.00    20 oz. $3.50

fresh whipped cream  $0.75
for half & half, soy or almond milk:
add $0.50 for 12 oz, $0.75 for 16 oz, $1.00 for 20 oz

Shot of Torani syrup    $0.50
Our selection of Torani Syrups include: Amaretto, Caramel, Chocolate Bianco, Coconut, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Jamaican Rum, English Toffee, Creme De Menthe, Orgeat (almond), Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and other seasonal flavors

Sugar Free Syrups include: Vanilla, Caramel, English Toffee and Hazelnut.


Specialty Espresso Drinks

All drinks can be made regular or decaffeinated, hot or iced.
We offer a choice of Whole, 2%, Non-fat, Soy or almond milk (additional charge).   
12 oz. $4.15    16 oz. $4.45    20 oz. $4.75

Caramel Macchiato  (Mock-ee-ah-toe)
Espresso with French vanilla & steamed milk, topped with fresh whipped cream & drizzled with caramel

West 3rd
A local favorite! Espresso with mocha, steamed milk, caramel & hazelnut, topped with chocolate whipped cream.

Chocolate Bianco Latte
A lighter version of a mocha, sweet Torani Chocolate flavor, smooth & creamy.

Heath Bar
Mocha with English Toffee & topped with whipped cream.

Blackbeard’s Delight
Espresso with Jamaican Rum Syrup, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream & cinnamon.

Apple Pie Latte
Latte with apple syrup, caramel, topped with whipped cream & cinnamon. Yum!

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha (add $0.25 to above prices)
Espresso with mocha, raspberry syrup, topped with fresh whipped cream

Honey Almond Soy Latte 12 oz. $4.25    16 oz. $4.75    20 oz. $5.25
Come on, try Soy! Espresso, almond flavoring, steamed soy milk & honey.
Healthy & Delicious!

Chai Latte
A creamy blend of honey, black tea, vanilla bean, ginger and spices served up hot or iced
12 oz. $4.00    16 oz. $4.50    20 oz. $5.25

Tea Beverages
Featuring teas from The Republic of Tea, we have 23 varieties to choose from:
browse our fine selection!
12 oz. $1.65  16 oz. $1.75  20 oz. $2.00
Iced:   12 oz  $1.90         20 oz. $2.25

Hot Chocolate
Steamed to order! Topped with chocolate whipped cream.
12 oz. $2.95    16 oz. $3.25    20 oz. $3.50

Your favorite flavor steamed with milk for a creamy treat!
12 oz. $2.50    16 oz. $2.75    20 oz. $3.00

Cafe Frio
Made and frozen in store daily with Espresso, Milk & Sugar-- sure to cool you off! Customize with your own favorite ingredients!
12 oz.    $3.49    20 oz.    $4.49

Italian Sodas
Refreshingly cool and clean! Your choice of Torani Fruit Syrup & Sparkling water on ice.
12 oz.    $1.95    20 oz.    $2.25

Frozen Specialties:
Refreshingly cool—see our seasonal featured specials

KOMBUCHA various brands and flavors $4.29

For Kids Only

Milk & Cookies   $2.49
8 oz milk and  monster cookie!

Chunky Monkey   $2.49
Chocolate milk, whipped cream and  banana flavoring!

Maola Chocolate Milk   $1.99

Nantucket Organic Juices   $1.99

Hot Chocolate   $1.49

Fizzy Fruit Soda   $0.99
Strawberry, cherry, banana, raspberry, and others

Kids Size Mango Frio   $1.99
-available summer only-


Bakery and Desserts

Fresh baked right here, everyday!

Croissants   $2.25

Filled Croissants   $2.50
Chocolate or Strawberry cream cheese

Muffins   $2.95
Blueberry, Cranberry Orange, Banana Walnut and Morning Glory

Scones   $3.50
Cinnamon chip--delicious!

Turnovers   $2.49
Apple and Cherry

Cookies   $1.50

Ham egg & Cheese bkfst sand


We offer Everything, Plain, Multi Grain, Cinnamon Raisin and Sesame
Plain to go   $1.25 ea
w/butter   $2.25
Cream Cheese   $2.25
1/3 less fat and Veggie available

Cinnamon Buns   $1.99

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